3 Ways Medical Illustrators Impact Sales Training

by Kristin Traniello on 10/3/18 10:57 AM

At CLD we have a team of Medical Illustrators on-site who create the illustrations and animations in a variety of training materials. But how do we impact your materials as a sales trainer?

Keep Training Project Timelines on Track

by Lauren Jasinski on 8/27/18 10:22 AM

As a sales trainer, it can sometimes seem impossible to get everything on your To Do list done on time. You’re juggling back to back meetings, managing multiple quick turnaround projects, taking conference calls on the move,...

Targeting the Modern Learner’s Needs with Interactive Training

by Meghan Henneberger on 8/9/18 10:28 AM

The ultimate success of training is the ability of the trainees to apply their skills in the real-life, professional field. It is imperative for a CPR certification course to build on didactic instruction with simulation learning...

Duct Tape for Learning

by Jan Ananian on 7/9/18 1:19 PM

Duct tape is renowned for its use in patching up repairs because of its ability to help things stick. What then is the duct tape for learning? How can we make sure that what we’ve learned is duct taped to our memory so the...

Redefining Sales Training: Technology to the Rescue

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 1/18/18 8:03 AM

Learning decay has been an issue for as long as people have been teaching and training other people. The human brain can only absorb so much at a time, and it’s not always easy to pick and choose which concepts really “stick.” Some...

5 Instructional Design Trends Impacting Pharmaceutical Sales Training

by Julie Swasey on 11/14/17 12:06 PM

My daughter has been coming home from school each day full of questions that I’m unprepared to answer: “How many people live in Alaska?” “What’s the longest book ever written?” “Who was the Greek god of medicine?” After admitting...

Are You Driving Without a Destination? Identifying Objectives for Successful Sales Training

by Jan Ananian on 10/12/17 3:42 PM

The success of your entire training event could be at risk if you're not able to answer this one critical question...

5 Reasons Playing Fantasy Football Makes You a Better Sales Trainer

by Randee Bunin on 9/6/17 7:35 AM

As the days start to get incrementally shorter and my commute gets a bit longer due to the influx of yellow school buses on the back roads outside of Boston, it can only mean one thing… football season is right around the corner....

Machine Learning for Pharma Sales Training

by Mark Currier on 6/16/17 10:06 AM

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences. Machine learning is a subtype of AI, meaning that AI is a more encompassing term. But they are similar and refer to...

Train the Brain: Understanding How the mPFC Relates to Sales Training

by Mark Currier on 4/14/17 1:10 PM


The medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) is actually a structure in the brain of a rat, but it's roughly comparable to a structure called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) in primates. In both types of animals, it is an...