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Jan is the Director of Program Development at CLD.
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Duct Tape for Learning

by Jan Ananian on 7/9/18 1:19 PM

Duct tape is renowned for its use in patching up repairs because of its ability to help things stick. What then is the duct tape for learning? How can we make sure that what we’ve learned is duct taped to our memory so the...

Are You Driving Without a Destination? Identifying Objectives for Successful Sales Training

by Jan Ananian on 10/12/17 3:42 PM

The success of your entire training event could be at risk if you're not able to answer this one critical question...

Elliot Masie's Gamification and Learning Lab: Day 2 Reflections

by Jan Ananian on 6/26/15 11:21 AM

We began our second day of our gamification learning lab once again discussing the use of the term “gamification.” We were challenged to find our own phrase and keep our eyes on what it will be named in the longer term, with the...

Elliot Masie's Gamification and Learning Lab: Day 1 Reflections

by Jan Ananian on 6/24/15 4:15 PM

During my first day at this energizing Masie Center event, not only was I reminded that gamification is not gaming, I also learned that although the word gamification sounds more corporate than game, it still doesn’t sound...

5 Ways to Manage Your Medical/Legal/Regulatory Reviewers

by Jan Ananian on 1/27/14 11:25 AM

Training materials for pharmaceutical and biotech companies often go through the scrutiny of medical, legal, and regulatory review (MLR). This requires project managers to work closely with the reviewers to ensure that everyone’s...

ROI, Passion, and Other ASTD 2013 Conference Musings

by Jan Ananian on 6/10/13 10:06 AM

How many of us have had the good fortune to attend a conference that reawakens all that we love about the profession we'’ve chosen? I am one of those lucky people. I had the good fortune to attend the ASTD (American Society of...

Instructional Design for mLearning

by Jan Ananian on 7/23/12 5:42 PM

This is a quick mobile learning (mLearning) quiz. You're stuck in a very long line while waiting to order your morning coffee, so you grab your smartphone and:

(a) Play Word games and inwardly complain that your virtual opponent's...