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Not Your Grandmother’s Alzheimer’s Therapy

by Karin Hawkinson on 9/19/12 11:35 AM

The Alzheimer'’s Association predicts that the number of Americans with Alzheimer’'s disease (AD) will balloon from the current 5.4 million to 16 million by 2050. In response to this looming health, social, and economic crisis,...

REMS—Who Needs to Know?

by Karin Hawkinson on 9/4/12 5:36 PM


Demystifying MSL Training

by Karin Hawkinson on 5/21/12 6:01 PM

Your company is launching a new product next year and you've been tasked with managing the development of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training materials. You've got a budget, the MSLs are hired, and you're ready to send out the...