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Pre-Call Planning, the Call Continuum, and the Close

by Lyndsey Ladd on 9/3/14 8:00 AM

If you were to take a poll of pharmaceutical representatives and ask them what the most difficult part of the sale is, most would say the CLOSE. Closing can be challenging in pharmaceutical sales as there is no clearly defined...

Keeping Current Without Compromising Compliance

by Lyndsey Ladd on 4/28/14 12:26 PM

The pharmaceutical industry is part of the ever-evolving medical landscape where information about new medications, old medications, and advances in disease state knowledge continuously emerge in the form of peer reviewed journal...

Reflections on Sales Training from a Pharma Rep Turned Medical Writer

by Lyndsey Ladd on 7/24/13 10:31 AM

Since the movie Love and Other Drugs (2010) came out, I can'’t tell you how often I’'ve been asked if tha't’s really what the pharmaceutical sales industry is like. My typical response to this question is, “"Of course——a super...