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Mark Currier
Mark Currier is the Director of Marketing at CLD.
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Shining the Spotlight on Stereotyping in Sales Force Training and Its Negative Impacts

by Mark Currier on 7/6/16 8:00 AM

People seem to have an innate proclivity to classifying people: by age, gender, race, and even career choice. While nearly 100% of people would state that judging others based on preconceptions is wrong, many still tend to...

Scrap Learning and Predictive Learning Analytics

by Mark Currier on 6/28/16 8:00 AM

Scrap learning is learning that is metaphorically thrown out once it's learned. In other words, it's learning that is delivered, but is not applied on the job - there is a failure of learning transfer. Because the learning is not...

Provide Customized Sales Training Designed for Your Sales Force

by Mark Currier on 6/15/16 3:30 PM

Sales training can be an empty exercise if it's not customized to your sales force and designed in the context of your company culture. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical industry, where branding is as important as in...

ATD 2016 Thoughts and Takeaways

by Mark Currier on 6/1/16 8:30 PM

ATD 2016 came to a close last week.  After having the long Memorial Day weekend to reflect, here are thoughts and takeaways by three CLD staffers who were at the show.

How to Use a Story Framework to Reach Training Program Objectives

by Mark Currier on 5/20/16 2:37 PM

Humans love stories. It doesn't matter if a great story comes in the form of a novel, a film, a television episode, a song, or simply a narrative related by a friend: we love to tell and listen to stories. The human mind simply...

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Trainers & Coaches

by Mark Currier on 4/25/16 3:06 PM

The concept of emotional intelligence has been around for less than three decades, but in that time it has gained prominence as a quality that matters in both a personal and a professional context. So what is it? Emotional IQ is...

Neuroplasticity: Shining the Light on Learning and Memory

by Mark Currier on 4/18/16 12:53 PM

Neuroplasticity is the seemingly magical capacity of the human brain to change and grow throughout a person's lifetime. How do these changes happen? They happen when new connections between brain cells form and strengthen, causing...

What Pharma Sales Trainers Need to Know About Basal Ganglia and Dopamine

by Mark Currier on 3/15/16 12:03 PM

When you learn something "by heart," you have done more than memorize information or learn something by rote. Instead, you have gone a step beyond, and thoroughly digested and internalized information. You're able to make sense of...

Tips to Help You Be a Better Virtual Trainer

by Mark Currier on 1/28/16 2:30 PM

Virtual learning makes sense for many industries today, including the pharmaceutical industry. Many businesses are geographically spread out, and bringing everyone together for training can be expensive and disruptive. Virtual...

Gender Representation Considerations Related to e-Learning

by Mark Currier on 1/26/16 8:30 AM

How a workforce or learning group is depicted in e-learning materials rightly or wrongly conveys attitudes about cultural and gender roles. You may not think that it matters that the depiction of a pharma sales training interaction...