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Mark Currier is the Director of Marketing at CLD.
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Start using TED-Ed in your Sales Training

by Mark Currier on 3/17/14 9:00 AM

Viewed a TED Talk lately? Great TED Talks are a perfect combination of inspiration, education, and entertainment. As a sales trainer in the pharmaceutical or medical device space, why aren't you "eModule-izing" them for your...

Our Top 5 Sales Training Blog Posts of 2013

by Mark Currier on 12/19/13 8:00 AM

Tin Can API, augmented reality, and tele-detaling... Who would have thought these would be three of the most popular sales training topics of 2013?  

SPBT's Medical Device & Diagnostic Trainer Summit Keynote Recap

by Mark Currier on 10/15/13 8:30 AM

At SPBT's Medical Device & Diagnostic Trainer Summit (MDDS) this past week, Dr. David Metcalf's keynote, titled "An Exploratory Guide to the Emerging Mobile Healthcare Market," gave us a glimpse into emerging mobile...

Can Medical Device Trainers Learn from Audi?

by Mark Currier on 10/8/13 7:00 AM

The owner's manual (a.k.a. instruction manual a.k.a. user's guide) may be one of the oldest forms of training. With the exception of moving from paper to digital, the manual has not changed...until now.  In August, Audi launched...

LinkedIn Groups Pharma and Biotech Sales Trainers Should Join

by Mark Currier on 9/10/13 10:29 AM

Did you know that LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups? Have you been missing out on what your peers are talking about? Look no further. All you have to do is click on a group logo below and you'll be taken right to the...

5 TED Talks Sales Trainers Should Watch

by Mark Currier on 6/24/13 1:25 PM

by Mark Currier

As a sales training professional in the pharmaceutical or medical device space, you should be regularly watching TED talks. If not, you are missing out. TED talks are gathered from a series of large conferences and...

See these powerful new training solutions at SPBT 2013 booth 343!

by Mark Currier on 6/3/13 2:40 PM

View the Slideshare below for a preview.

  • Tin Can API - This is going to change the way you train!
  • Video Response Objection Handling App - Practice year round while reducing travel costs and time off (or out of) territory!

Technological Advances Shouldn’t Mean Presentation Declines

by Mark Currier on 5/13/13 9:00 AM

By guest blogger Beth Rogers

Congratulations! Your company has moved to a fully electronic selling platform—now you have a brand new iPad and a host of new sales presentation materials to use on it. But the challenge is how to use...

10 Things Hospital Pharmacists Wish Drug Reps Knew

by Mark Currier on 4/2/13 9:14 AM

List provided by guest blogger Anne Jarrett,MS,RPh & blog layout by Mark Currier 

Our recent What's for Lunch? Reuniting Physicians with Drug Detailers post generated a lot of interest and comments. One particular comment thread,...

Rise of the Medical Machines

by Mark Currier on 1/25/13 4:45 PM

by Mark Currier

Did you miss the news cycle of the last 24 hours? Don'’t worry—SkyNet did not go and achieve self-awareness. What you did miss were three impressive announcements that will likely have positive ramifications for...