Sales Training and Emotional Intelligence

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 10/4/16 1:30 PM

Emotional intelligence, or EI, is a person's ability to identify and manage their own emotions effectively. It is made up of three main components:

5 Thoughts on Training Needs Assessments (TNAs)

by Ellen Simes, Guest Contributor on 9/29/16 9:55 AM

I’m sure that every time you have a training request the first thing you do is a training needs assessment (or analysis). Ok – stop laughing! I get it, that doesn’t often happen in the real world. There are a lot of reasons you may...

Why bother pre-call planning?

by Ellen Simes, Guest Contributor on 9/12/16 8:00 AM

Everyone has heard the expression if you fail to plan you plan to fail, but let’s be honest, that isn’t enough motivation for everyone to do pre-call planning. Many sales reps still fall into the trap of grabbing their materials...

Using Augmented Reality to Empower Your Sales Reps

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 9/7/16 5:40 PM

Augmented reality (AR) is when digital information is integrated with the user's environment in real time. It's not a totally artificial environment, but overlays new information on top of the information in the existing...

Keep it Real and Keep it Mobile

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 9/7/16 4:06 PM

Many of us have already used mobile incentive technology, even if we didn't know that was what it's called. If you have ever used a mobile app that gives you digital reward points for completing some action, you've used mobile...

The Science of Active Learning: Getting Off the Bench

by Mark Currier on 9/1/16 12:07 PM

Learning is a process, and not a passive endeavor. It's not something that can be "topically applied" and expected to really sink in and stick with people. Suppose you were to walk into a lecture on a topic about which you know...

Are Your Training Initiatives Predisposed to Failure?

by Mark Currier on 8/16/16 3:00 PM

Even when a training initiative isn't considered an outright failure, companies worry about whether their investment in training produces a positive return. Getting a positive ROI on training requires several building blocks. For...

Is Your Training Color Blind?

by Ellen Simes, Guest Contributor on 8/4/16 8:00 AM

Color blindness (color vision deficiency or CVD) is not actually blindness, rather it is a deficiency in the way some people percieve color. According to, 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind....

Multi-Sensory Learning for Pharmaceutical Reps

by Mark Currier on 7/27/16 8:00 AM

Learning may be thought of as a progressive, upward spiral, with each turn of the spiral encompassing several different steps. Learners gather information, reflect upon it, use it in some way, and are typically tested on it. Each...

Competition, Gratification, and Gamification: Pokemon GO in the Training Industry

by Joan Hudak on 7/15/16 8:30 AM

With all the hype surrounding one of the most downloaded games in history, we can’t help but wonder if and how Pokémon GO will affect the training industry. Or rather, is there anything that we as trainers can take away from this...