You're Asking Me to Prescribe What?

by Andrea Pagnozzi on 2/3/16 11:30 AM

All in all, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had a pretty successful uptake in 2015. Depending upon which source you listen to, roughly 8 million people enrolled in the program in 2015, each acquiring health insurance where they...

2013 Reality Check: Medical Education Remains Accessible to Pharma

Who knew such a firestorm would be ignited by suggesting that physicians-in-training would benefit from proctored interactions with pharmaceutical reps followed by academic counterdetailing? 


Guess what? Results from a recently...

10 Things Hospital Pharmacists Wish Drug Reps Knew

by Mark Currier on 4/2/13 9:14 AM

List provided by guest blogger Anne Jarrett,MS,RPh & blog layout by Mark Currier 

Our recent What's for Lunch? Reuniting Physicians with Drug Detailers post generated a lot of interest and comments. One particular comment thread,...