Strengthen Training Effectiveness: Gamification Increases Knowledge Retention

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 12/11/15 5:00 AM

 Training is necessary for any job, and in an industry as technical and regulation-heavy as pharmaceuticals and biotech, high quality training is indispensable. In pharmaceutical and biotech sales, team members have to take in and...

Elliot Masie's Gamification and Learning Lab: Day 2 Reflections

by Jan Ananian on 6/26/15 11:21 AM

We began our second day of our gamification learning lab once again discussing the use of the term “gamification.” We were challenged to find our own phrase and keep our eyes on what it will be named in the longer term, with the...

SPBT’s Medical Device & Diagnostics Trainers Summit Summary

by Mark Currier on 10/9/12 8:47 AM

by Mark Currier

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Medical Device and Diagnostics Trainers Summit (MDDTS12) in Princeton NJ. Before falling victim to the “forgetting curve,” I wanted to share some of the speaker...