5 Instructional Design Trends Impacting Pharmaceutical Sales Training

by Julie Swasey on 11/14/17 12:06 PM

My daughter has been coming home from school each day full of questions that I’m unprepared to answer: “How many people live in Alaska?” “What’s the longest book ever written?” “Who was the Greek god of medicine?” After admitting...

Are You Driving Without a Destination? Identifying Objectives for Successful Sales Training

by Jan Ananian on 10/12/17 3:42 PM

The success of your entire training event could be at risk if you're not able to answer this one critical question...

Instructional Design for mLearning

by Jan Ananian on 7/23/12 5:42 PM

This is a quick mobile learning (mLearning) quiz. You're stuck in a very long line while waiting to order your morning coffee, so you grab your smartphone and:

(a) Play Word games and inwardly complain that your virtual opponent's...