Medical Device Sales Reps Need Sales Managers Skilled in Coaching

by Guest Contributor on 6/15/15 8:00 AM

In order to be effective, medical device sales training needs to be ongoing and reinforced by a strong instructor. In a complex industry such as medical devices, sales managers need to be coaches instead of just managers. Even the...

7 Things Medical Device Sales Training Should Include

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 3/5/15 2:00 PM

Medical device sales and related training objectives are unique and can be complex. Ideally, every medical device sales rep would have the opportunity to be immersed in multiple aspects of the business they work for and every...

Start using TED-Ed in your Sales Training

by Mark Currier on 3/17/14 9:00 AM

Viewed a TED Talk lately? Great TED Talks are a perfect combination of inspiration, education, and entertainment. As a sales trainer in the pharmaceutical or medical device space, why aren't you "eModule-izing" them for your...

5 TED Talks Sales Trainers Should Watch

by Mark Currier on 6/24/13 1:25 PM

by Mark Currier

As a sales training professional in the pharmaceutical or medical device space, you should be regularly watching TED talks. If not, you are missing out. TED talks are gathered from a series of large conferences and...

6 Ways Google's project glass could change sales training

by Mark Currier on 12/4/12 8:57 AM

by Mark Currier

Almost a year has passed since the press first confirmed Google's Project Glass. The idea of augmented reality glasses and heads-up displays are now fact rather than fiction (Heck, the glasses are already the best...

SPBT’s Medical Device & Diagnostics Trainers Summit Summary

by Mark Currier on 10/9/12 8:47 AM

by Mark Currier

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Medical Device and Diagnostics Trainers Summit (MDDTS12) in Princeton NJ. Before falling victim to the “forgetting curve,” I wanted to share some of the speaker...