Active Learning: Putting Emphasis on Learners

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 10/22/15 3:21 PM

Any coach, athletic or otherwise, will tell you that mentally learning a skill or technique doesn't mean much if you don't actually put it into practice to get better at it. Effective learning is much more than passively absorbing...

Preparing Pharma Reps for Questions, Concerns & Objections

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 4/2/15 7:00 AM

Successful pharmaceutical reps face concerns and objections in the field, but their pharmaceutical sales training and experience have taught them how to effectively prepare for and deal with objections. Nobody likes handling...

See these powerful new training solutions at SPBT 2013 booth 343!

by Mark Currier on 6/3/13 2:40 PM

View the Slideshare below for a preview.

  • Tin Can API - This is going to change the way you train!
  • Video Response Objection Handling App - Practice year round while reducing travel costs and time off (or out of) territory!

6 Ways Google's project glass could change sales training

by Mark Currier on 12/4/12 8:57 AM

by Mark Currier

Almost a year has passed since the press first confirmed Google's Project Glass. The idea of augmented reality glasses and heads-up displays are now fact rather than fiction (Heck, the glasses are already the best...