Redefining Sales Training: Technology to the Rescue

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 1/18/18 8:03 AM

Learning decay has been an issue for as long as people have been teaching and training other people. The human brain can only absorb so much at a time, and it’s not always easy to pick and choose which concepts really “stick.” Some...

Train the Brain: Understanding How the mPFC Relates to Sales Training

by Mark Currier on 4/14/17 1:10 PM


The medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) is actually a structure in the brain of a rat, but it's roughly comparable to a structure called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) in primates. In both types of animals, it is an...

Before You Send an RFP Checklist: Infographic

by Mark Currier on 1/10/17 7:07 AM


The new year means new sales training-related RFPs. Before you send yours out, check out our infographic:

From Decay to Interference; Why We Forget

by Mark Currier on 12/5/16 11:30 PM

The human brain - the source of knowledge acquisition and orchestration of all the physical and psychological activities that make up life - is one of the most fascinating subjects of study and has been throughout recorded history....

Engage Learners: Connect Training to What They Already Know

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 11/16/16 11:30 AM

When you first learn one of the major disciplines, say physics, you often start from first principles. For example, if you want to learn to calculate how much force it would take to push a car down a hill, you might begin with a...

5 Sales Training Lessons Learned from Adult Coloring Books

by Ellen Simes, Guest Contributor on 10/17/16 8:45 AM

I was waiting in line at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription the other day and at there was a rotating book display within reach. I took it for a spin and was surprised that of the majority of the books on the rack were adult...

Discover Why Great Sales Trainers Are Excellent Coaches

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 7/14/16 8:30 AM

In order to be a great sales trainer, you have to understand the mechanics behind creating great sales professionals. A great trainer knows that sales coaching is incredibly important to the success of any sales training program,...

The Value of a Patient-Focused Approach to Sales Training

by Mark Currier on 7/11/16 8:00 AM

One of the many reasons pharma sales differs from sales in other industries is that the "customer" can be thought of in two ways. Although the US allows direct-to-patient advertising, the pharmaceutical rep is more likely to...

How To Increase Knowledge Retention of Sales Training

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 6/22/16 2:55 PM

The psychology of learning has revealed that many traditional views of how we learn are wrong. This can have major repercussions when you think about intensive learning situations like medical school. And not only are teaching...

Using TED Ed in Sales Training

by Mary Hiers, Guest Contributor on 3/28/16 2:05 PM

TED is a nonprofit organization that began more than 30 years ago as a way to bring Technology, Entertainment, and Design together to spread ideas and learning. Because TED talks are popular and are available in more than 100...